Please notice: Because of current problems with the rental licence we are not allowed to rent the house.

Friends are always welcome!


is a perfect home away from home in Portugal.

Switch off the world - explore Sagres!

Welcome and bem-vindo to our tiny vacation home at the "end of the world".



The mediterranean climate makes the Algarve one of

Europe`s holiday hot spots.

The colors of the wonderful coastline and nature are intense and brilliant.

The bright light will please you

at any season.

300 days of sunshine a year - experience the warmth!


So-called "California of Europe" the area around Sagres offers many perfect coves

and awesome sandy beaches

for surfing at any level.

A surfers paradise

is what we call it especially in spring time and fall.

Getting stoked?

We borrow our surfboards!



CASA NORTE offers many comfortable and snuggly

little corners inside and

outside of the house.

Relax in the shaded

lounge area or

take a nap on the couch.

Just in case you`ve gotten

too much sun -

Simply stay AT HOME!

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