portugal info

 Portugal is a member of the EU and it´s known as politically stable.

We have no informations about recommended vaccinations.
Just in case you need special medications bring your supplies because you`ll never know
wether it is in stock in Portugal.  


In case you`ll use the well-developed motorway in Portugal there is a fee to be paid.

The Algarve is very popular for vacation.
Every now and then there might be some building sites,
that may disturb your holidays a little.

The portuguese people are very kind and polite.
Their favorite, traditional music is called fado and
this melancolic vibes express their awareness of life very well.

As far as we are concerned, the language - especially pronunciation is very complicated.
Worth a try anyway:
olá = hello
bom dia = good morning/day
boa tarde = good afternoon
boa noite = good evening/good night
obrigada (women)/obrigado(men) = thank you
and finally:
Bem-vindo e divirta-se em Portugal! = Welcome to Portugal! Enjoy!