Volker, owner of CASA NORTE is a passionate longboarder since 25 years.
Transportation of boards by airplane is expensive and often annoying...
We have 4 boards (and boardbags) in different sizes placed right next to the house.

Even though the boards are quite robust (Dura-tec. or Epoxy) we would like to beg you
to handle them wih care. Hard hits, for example dropping them to stoney ground, will kill them fast.
In case your previous tenants broke one, there might be one less in stock temporarily ...
And again: Surfing means to pay respect while being on the water!
We recommend a 4-door car (or a roof rack) for fixing the fastening belts easily.
You`ll get a special key for the storage and you`ll find the belts in combination with the boards.
Never ever surfed? There are many surf schools.

We never tried one but these are recommended by good friends:

Freeride Surfcamp, Sagres https://frsurf.com/
Fun Ride, Amado Carrapateira http://funridesurfcamp.com/


1. BIC 10.0 feet, Singlefinn Noserider: Fits for small and large waves.

2. Southpoint 9.6 feet, Longboard Triplefinn: Massive while being very flexible.

4. TORQ 9.0 feet Triplefinn: Performance-Longboard

5. Decathlon 8.0 feet Foamboard: Perfect for beginners! Soft surface and finns will reduce risk of injury.


Hey ho let`s go surfin`!